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Welcome Tom Myers, Head of Research

We are gearing up for an incredible fall construction season, and our team is growing, again! Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Tom Myers, our Head of Research. Tom brings over 12 years of… Read More

VideoWalk for Insta360 ONE X

VideoWalk™ on Insta360 ONE X StructionSite is happy to announce the availability of VideoWalk™ on the Insta360 ONE X camera for iOS devices! The availability for Android is currently in progress. With the Insta360 ONE X, users of StructionSite have been able to capture high-quality imagery and now video… Read More

My first few months in construction tech… and what I’ve learned from our most successful customers

In February, I joined StructionSite as a customer success manager. I joined not because I have a background in construction, or because I knew someone at the company. I was drawn because as someone so far removed from the construction industry, I could quickly grasp the problem the… Read More

The critical role of job site documentation

Jobsite documentation is one of the many required monotonous tasks on a project. The detailed breakdown in the Division 1 General Conditions Specification that outlines the number of photos, locations, size, gloss, and the number of binders. Besides the requirement of the old binders, you also know you need to… Read More

The Importance of Context-Based Site Documentation

Fixing the leak A customer of ours recently told us about a leak they had on the job site. Rather than tear out a whole wall to find and fix the broken pipe, they hopped into StructionSite, quickly located themselves in the right room, pulled out photos from the… Read More

Hardhat vs Monopod

Technology is continuously improving when it comes to capturing job sites in construction, but the human element is still very constant. 360 Cameras have been developing at a rapid pace, but at the end of the day, we’re still placing them on tripods, monopods and hard hats resulting in… Read More

An uncommon laser scanning workflow with a fast ROI.

While en route to AEC Next/SPAR 3D, I can’t help but think of better timing to recount some of my laser scanning experiences from my previous job. With SPAR being the largest trade show for reality capture, I’m sure there will be much knowledge shared on workflows about the construction… Read More

Creating efficiencies using reality capture

StructionSite is working with Shiel Sexton on a historic university hotel remodel project. There are three major components to this project, a traditional hotel guest room, and lobby remodel, upgrades of the existing Student Union banquet and meeting rooms and the build-out of a bar/restaurant within an existing public… Read More

The best podcast on company culture I’ve ever listened to

Construction Tech Company Culture Company Culture is hard. In construction, we struggle with this the same way any other industry does. I was reminded at the Procore Partner Summit last week how culture is at the core of everything, directly impacting our business outcomes. It’s effortless to talk about,… Read More

Sights on Safety: StructionSite + Smartvid.io

Putting Safety at the Forefront As an industry that focuses on the health and wellbeing of its employee’s, laborers, tradesmen and women, this week brings to light the areas where we can all work together to form a better, safer working environment. To… Read More