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Get clarity on productivity and stay profitable week-by-week.

StructionSite offers an easy-to-use solution that is two-fold: documenting jobsite progress while automatically tracking visible scopes of work with our SmartTrack tool. That kind of insight has powerful benefits:

Save Time

Eliminate busywork and get back to building. Identify problem areas earlier with proof to make decisions that keep projects on track.


Using the data to track materials installed against labor, make real time adjustments to maximize productivity and increase profitability week-to-week.


Create trust and reduce the complications it takes to get invoices approved by showing exactly what work was done, where and when.

Profitable Work

With more accurate historical data, estimates are more informed while guaranteeing a healthy profit margin.

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Profit increase with more accurate data
Hours saves weekly with automated production tracking
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Identify your location and select VideoWalk
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Capture the site and sync the video
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See the percentage and rate of work installed

With StructionSite’s Site Documentation and Automated Production Tracking products, tracking visible scopes of work becomes an organized, seamless process. Through site documentation, the jobsite is digitized. Then visual scopes of work are analyzed. Lastly, a dashboard of the project’s productivity rates and percent complete, by “sub-scope”, are delivered.

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What our customers say

SmartTrack gives the real dollar and cents value to site doc. That’s value we get right away, not just a cheap insurance policy!

Brendan Murray
Southmost Drywall
Brendan Murray

SmartTrack helps me with two things: having accurate information for paying subs and what percent to pay them, the other is having accurate information for billing my contractor.

Don Lessard
Project Manager
Metro Walls, LLC
Don Lessard

With SmartTrack, we would not only be able to pay out correctly on future jobs, it would also work well with our estimating department, and we could verify future job estimates. The fact that we have our estimate, and then we'd have the tracking of the actual materials that we used, would verify whether the estimate was correct.

Ron Rankin
Southmost Drywall
Ron Rankin

Seemless integration

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Make job site capture a differentiator, not a time-waster.

Our unique pricing tiers are built to suit the unique needs of teams and projects of all sizes. Meet with one of our industry expert Account Executives to learn everything our application has to offer.
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