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Problems Solved

Find the proof you need,
whenever, wherever.

Capture project progress from every angle. StructionSite automatically organizes images by time, date and location so you can stop digging and start building.

Trade Damage

With a historical record of photos, you can easily investigate when an issue occurred and identify which party is responsible for damage.


StructionSite allows you to look at a past capture date and identify what’s been installed behind a closed wall or a concrete slab, so you can eliminate rework.

Change Orders

With the ability to go back and reference what happened on the project over time, images can tell a clearer story of who is responsible for the cost burden of a change order.

Schedule Delays

In the event of schedule delay, documentation shows site conditions that can help to identify what may have caused crews to delay work.

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In cost savings per $1 million in construction volume

How it works

Field adoption in as little as 15 minutes.

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Sync & share the Jobsite

Our web and mobile application is designed with a field-first workflow, so it’s easy to capture in the field - with standard photos, 360 photos and/or 360 video - and then share the digital jobsite with the office and other stakeholders.

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What our customers say

StructionSite has enabled us to place the construction site in every project stakeholder’s pocket. As our CDE for image data, it has enabled us to capture, find, and leverage crucial visual information in minutes

Val Tzvetkov
Senior Manager of Virtual Design & Construction
Val Tzvetkov

With projects around the world, we want to be able to streamline operations, review documentation, learn from best practices our teams are establishing, and adjust estimates and projections based on what happens in real-world environments - not to mention simply checking in visually onsite. StructionSite provides these capabilities. It is designed around our needs.

Mark Bryant

We had one job were the MEP estimator and design team would jump in a web meeting and pull up StructionSite. Then after every meeting he would tell us, “Hey we just used StructionSite again, it was awesome!”

Justin Porter
Senior VDC Manager
Truebeck Construction

Seemless integration

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Make job site capture a differentiator, not a time-waster.

Our unique pricing tiers are built to suit the unique needs of teams and projects of all sizes. Meet with one of our industry expert Account Executives to learn everything our application has to offer.
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