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Give your teams the power to walk sites with 360 cameras, capture and organize photos, overlay maps onto floor plans, generate inspection reports and share easily – all in one AI-powered platform.

Stop losing, and start saving today.

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Capture, view, and share. It’s that easy.
With StructionSite, you have the capabilities to Get Site Done!

Import drawings

Sync project drawings from Procore, Autodesk, etc. to StructionSite, or upload a local PDF.


Connect a 360 camera to the StructionSite app, identify your starting location, and walk the path on the jobsite.


Compare progress over time side-by-side, add notes, post an RFI, and tag a team member to communicate a field issue quickly, all with the context of images.


Allow teams to view, collaborate and seamlessly share with others.


We partner with the tools you use every day so your images from StructionSite can be used in your existing workflows: from BIM, to project management, to safety, and beyond.

Use StructionSite at every phase of construction

Capture critical milestones throughout the project lifecycle.


Site Walk, Existing & Exploratory Conditions, Site Logistics



Site Work, Concrete, Structural, MEPF, Framing & In-Wall

Offline Deliverable, Facility Management Tool, Future Project & Lessons Learned

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Return on investment

StructionSite gives teams the ability to track productivity at the cost code level, and know whether they are making profits, week-to-week.


Project team ↔ Internal and
external teams

"The timeline of pictures helped our project determine some common wall penetration fire stop issues, and helped us verify if we inserted backing for our equipment. This saved us a lot of time going back and forth, and possibly opening up walls to see who was responsible and what had to be done. There was about $70k-100k savings we saw, just by having StructionSite images."
Dhakshan Potuhera
Innovation Analyst at McCarthy


Validate your schedule and operate from a single source of truth

"We are able to plan more efficiently by quickly accessing up-to-date photographic information from all areas of the jobsite, and directing labor accordingly. This allows a large group of foremen and superintendents to make location-specific plans without needing to physically walk all locations on a large project.”
Caleb Kesling
Project Superintendent at Turner

Prevent rework

Notes - RFIs - Observations

“We saved about $50k worth of testing and an unknown amount of the test failed, plus rework costs. Thanks to StructionSite’s site doc, that clearly showed what was installed before we framed the walls...It’s pretty priceless, you can’t put a price on what it would have taken to repair.”
Harsh Kalbhor
Project Engineer at PCI

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