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Our mission is to remove the grey area from construction by giving builders smarter tools and unbiased data about the status of their projects. In doing so, we hope to bring higher levels of trust and more profitable work to construction. As we grow our team, it’s important that every person embodies and believes in the mission and vision of StructionSite. The values our leadership team established below ensure our team is always striving for the best.

Express Gratitude

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Always Be Learning

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Work with amazing people

We are built different

"For us, the decision to be remote first was simple. You can’t put geographical limits on great talent or customers...At StructionSite, we realize our people make us who we are. We want to cultivate an environment where our team feels empowered to do their best work while offering the flexibility to adapt to each individual’s lifestyle."

Pete Johnston, Senior Recruiter, StructionSite

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Always Learning

"My career has grown immensely while at StructionSite. From the first hire to handle Customer Success and Support to now playing an integral part on the Product Team, StructionSite has given me both the leeway and support to progress through my career path and grow both professionally and personally."

Nate Anderson
Associate Product Manager
Nate Anderson


"Having the flexibility to spread a portion of my maternity leave out over my first month back really helped with my transition back to work for myself and my family. Now with a child at home, having flexible hours and PTO helps me to be able to spend time with my little one."

Brianna Williams
Head of Product
Brianna Williams

Time for what matters

“Being employed at StructionSite has given me the opportunity to truly prioritize an actual balance between work and life. Working remotely allows for great flexibility at home as well as opening up the ability to travel. I've enjoyed packing up my hotspot and cell booster and hitting the road! Working from the beach in Malibu, the mountains on Highway 395, and the high desert of Nevada has been a joy. Montana is next on my list!”

Adam Della Monica
Solutions Engineer
Adam Della Monica

Using the latest tech

"At StructionSite we place big bets on new technologies if we think they can provide a big return in improved customer and developer experience. And we embrace changes as a team, so everyone has a chance to learn new skills and benefit from new tools, and no one is stuck with legacy code for too long. If you are looking for a team that treats thoughtful, effective technical innovation as a necessity this is your team."

Luke Westby
Staff Engineer
Luke Westby

Our Impact

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Joining is painless

There's no such thing as a 'perfect' candidate. We're looking for an optimist with grit and determination, who is excited to face the challenges of a growing startup. We encourage you to apply to us even if you don't 100% match the exact candidate description but are up for the challenge. We believe skills are transferable and passion for our mission goes a long way.

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Sound good?

Our team is made up of construction industry veterans, innovative software engineers, and customer service experts dedicated to serving our users and leveraging modern technology to create new efficiencies in the construction industry. You could be one of us.

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