Helping Owners Understand the Value of StructionSite

Matt Daly
December 14, 2020

The general contractors we work with get it: StructionSite is a smart investment for just about any construction project. We not only help keep projects on time and on budget, but the data we generate is tremendously valuable when it’s time to operate, maintain, and even sell a property. So when you’re including StructionSite in a proposal, how do you explain the value to the project owner? We talked to our friend and client, David Hansmann, Director of Project Controls for Manhattan Construction Company, to get his thoughts.

A tool for mutual success

There is a lot of flashy software out on the market that looks slick but doesn’t necessarily provide the best value as a project tool, says Hansmann. Manhattan selects tools that provide our clients the most value and benefit for their projects. The 360-degree documentation delivered by StructionSite is an invaluable tool for setting the stage for positive outcomes.

“No owner wants to feel like they are the guinea pig for untested technology,” he says. “StructionSite is an established player in the industry with a long track record of helping make projects more successful.”

Trust through transparency

Hansmann noted that while there are unforeseen challenges on every project, the timestamped images and documentation generated by StructionSite create a clear audit trail of what actually occurred. More importantly, it gives everyone involved the information they need to quickly resolve issues that might come up.

“We show our clients the value that StructionSite delivers, including the benefits to the construction process and the full lifecycle of the property.”

–David Hansmann,
Director of Project Controls 
Manhattan Construction Company

Top capabilities for owners

According to Hansmann, the StructionSite capabilities that are most valuable to owners include:

Project updates

With StructionSite, owners can get up to speed on the status of a project with just a few clicks. There’s no need to physically travel to the jobsite—instead, a team member on site can complete a VideoWalk® which automatically tethers the path walked to the floor plan on file. Then, the owner can view any VideoWalk node on the project as a 360° image.

Remote inspections

Delayed inspections are a momentum killer on any project, and attempting to conduct them by video chat is problematic, at best. With StructionSite, it’s possible to leverage the high-value PDF export function, using tags created for specific inspections. Tagged photos and videos can also be sent directly to inspectors through Procore®, enabling inspectors to access assets they need, when they need them.

Offline deliverable

At any time during a project, owners can export all of the content that has been captured during the project. This delivers the entirety of the project's content including PDFs of all drawings and floorplans that contain pins that hyperlink to photos. If the "Progress" feature has been utilized, they can view a series of photos of specific location on the jobsite to quickly see how the job has evolved.

PDF export for OAC meetings

When owners, architects, and contractors meet to review the status of a project and resolve any issues, they can view a hyperlinked PDF of StructionSite output without needing to access StructionSite’s web or mobile apps.

X-ray mode

Long after construction is complete, owners can easily “see” what’s behind a wall by utilizing X-ray mode. No more tearing out an entire wall of sheetrock just to locate an outlet.

How can StructionSite help you?

For further help identifying the value of StructionSite for project owners, or to talk about your specific challenges, contact us today.

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