Rithm: 3D Laser Scanning Software for Construction

Rithm demonstration

Jobsite clarity with ease

High quality 3D laser scan data

The Rithm's tools provide unmatched clarity when monitoring slab deviations, measuring beam camber, reporting ADA compliance and performing ASTM1155 FF/FL analysis. Construction teams are able to easily produce deliverables and reports for project stakeholders.

How will Rithm help you?


Rithm’s Builder solution creates surface analysis with a heat and contour map to:

  • Visualize Floor Flatness with colored elevations
  • Analyze structural beams and estimate cambers
  • Monitor steel deflection camber movement pre vs post concrete pour
  • Monitor concrete movement via settling or grinding/filling
  • Debris Filtering
  • Perform FF/FL according to ASTM 1155, simulating a device that measures elevations at every 1′ interval
  • Create Floor Flatness reports and generate overall FF/FL based on multiple test runs
  • Automated routines for inspecting ramp and cross slopes for compliance with ADA requirements

Architectural Drawing Overlay

Rithm allows users to take their laser-created heatmaps and view them directly on architectural drawings, making cut/fill areas easy to automatically define.

Architectural overlay in Rithm
Camera and laptop with Rithm running on it

Analyze Steel Deflection

Rithm’s solutions provide the ability to check the status of steel beams before and after concrete pouring to uncover any deflection that may be occurring, allowing critical decisions to be made before rough-in.

Make job site capture a differentiator, not a time-waster.

Our unique pricing tiers are built to suit the unique needs of teams and projects of all sizes. Meet with one of our industry expert Account Executives to learn everything our application has to offer.
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