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January 2023 Product Release

Nicole Heger
January 17, 2023

StructionSite is ringing in the new year with a fresh set of product releases! These updates provide powerful insights into your capture projects and integrate with the tools your team uses everyday.

Here’s what you can expect from the January release:

DroneDeploy/StructionSite Integration

Project Linking within DroneDeploy and StructionSite 

DroneDeploy’s recent acquisition of StructionSite is paving the way to a fully integrated interior and exterior reality capture solution for our customers. With the deal having closed this pastNovember, project linking is the first step to a comprehensive integration of the two products.

What is project linking? This new capability allows mutual DroneDeploy and StructionSite customers to link their StructionSite and DroneDeploy projects for fast navigation between ground and aerial perspectives. Simply click on the icon of DroneDeploy in your StructionSite project and add the URL for your DroneDeploy project (and vice versa in DroneDeploy). After setting up the project links, you’ll be able to click on the icon in each of your platforms to seamlessly toggle between interior captures in StructionSite and exterior captures in DroneDeploy. To learn how to link a project, read this Support article for step-by-step instructions.

Not a DroneDeploy customer yet? Learn more about the benefits of an aerial reality capture solution for construction here.

Web Updates

Enterprise Dashboards

Our updated Enterprise Analytics Dashboard displays value-focused metrics front and center in an easy-to-navigate design. Enterprise admins, executives, and decision-makers will quickly be able to see where and how frequently StructionSite is being used on your projects. With the ability to easily filter and export directly in a PDF or CSV, our Enterprise Analytics Dashboard adds more value to your broader team.


Now released from beta! With Locations, you can see area-specific information - photos, metadata, etc. - all at a glance. Locations give you a comprehensive view of your project including what happened, where it happened, and when it happened.

Locations also leverage photos to produce insights into the capture health of a project. This means that you can now easily see how well your project is being captured, in addition to how well each area of your project is captured—giving you immediate feedback if more captures are needed.

With the thousands of photos taken over the course of a project, Locations unlocks the ability to categorize these images in a way that makes it far easier to tell the story of what happened in a particular part of your jobsite over time. Locations supplies the context to make project images meaningful and valuable, especially for superintendents and project managers who are focused on managing the day-to-day activities of a jobsite.

Note: Locations is only available for Enterprise plans. Only project administrators can set up locations.

Mobile Updates

Project & Drawing Search, Sort and Pin on iOS

No more searching or scrolling on iOS!

As users continue to use StructionSite, their project list continues to grow. With multiple projects, scrolling to find the correct project every time you want to capture can be a tedious workflow. In order to minimize scrolling and searching on your phone, we’ve added the ability to search, sort and pin projects and drawings in the iOS mobile. These updates include:

  • Search: We’ve added a NEW search bar to mobile so you can quickly find your projects and project drawings.
  • Pin: Is there a specific project you frequent often? Now you can pin that project to the top of your project list!
  • Sort: Projects are now sorted alphabetically and drawings can toggle between alphabetical order and the last capture date.


Autodesk BIM Compare with Forge Viewer

Now released from beta! Our BIM comparison tool will allow users to link a model in their Autodesk account directly to drawings in StructionSite. Once your model is linked and aligned to the drawing, users will be able to do a split view comparison between any photo (including VideoWalk photos) in StructionSite and the live BIM model. Since our integration is pulling in the model, users will always be to build with the latest version on the Forge Viewer

Autodesk Build - Ability to Add Existing RFIs to StructionSite

In addition to creating new RFIs in StructionSite, we’ve added the ability to add an existing RFI from Autodesk Build to an image in StructionSite that syncs back to Build.

DroneDeploy Product Updates

Learn more about DroneDeploy’s latest feature updates for ground, aerial, and robotics on our blog.

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