Taking Reality Capture Further than Jobsite Documentation

Matt Daly
February 23, 2021

Data-driven decision-making is a phrase often heard around the industry. But what does this truly mean? Before I get into it, let me take a step back and refresh what it means to us here at StructionSite and how I see it impacting our industry. StructionSite has aimed, from day one, to take the guesswork out of jobsite documentation. With our photo documentation tool, we enable field teams to capture context rich photos and videos and link them to drawings with date and time stamps, taking the documentation out of personal cell phones and network drives and into your systems of record. Why does this matter? Well, one of the most frequent things our team hears is that having time and location-based documentation has prevented costly change orders and schedule overruns. That safety net has been deemed invaluable. 

How does all of this matter to the data collected by the industry? In a 2018 FMI report, researchers found that 96% of all data collected in the E&C space goes unused and 30% of firms use applications that do not integrate with one another. Combined with our belief of taking the guesswork out of documentation, we strongly believe in the connectivity and interoperability across platforms. While StructionSite integrates with the major project management platforms like Procore and Autodesk, I felt it also important to deeply integrate with complementary applications that can leverage your data to surface additional insights and enable you to make data-driven decisions. Over the past few months, our R&D teams have been working to deepen our integration with Smartvid.io to provide more insights for the data your team has already captured - a twofer. 

Josh Kanner, Smartvid.io’s Founder and CEO, and I share a deep belief in enabling our customers to use data captured from the field all the way from the project to office. By leveraging photos captured as part of the routine jobsite documentation process and feeding them into Vinnie, Smartvid’s AI engine, we can provide deep and rich insights into the safety and risk of your jobsite. 

There will be more to come on the progress of the integration, and the team and I are excited to share along the way. In the meantime, you can learn more about our shared belief in data sharing and the existing partnership by rewatching Josh and my discussion at StructionSite Summit last fall

If you want to learn more, join our webinar with Procore on Thursday, March 18th at 10am PST.

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