Harnessing the Power of Data on Your Jobsite: Unleashing the Potential of Integration

Kellie Lee
October 15, 2020

Running a construction jobsite can be like directing a finely tuned orchestra. Or, it can feel more like herding cats. Multiple trades, different building phases, materials, machinery — not to mention unpredictable weather and other issues — make for a complex process of coordination from beginning to end. And in the midst of COVID-19, with additional safety measures needed, it only becomes more challenging. 

The increasing role of technology both on the jobsite and in the office presents yet another layer of complexity that must be managed. Technology is used to facilitate on-site execution, digital communication across teams, and information collection for back-office work — ranging from real-time payments to building a historical database for future use.

Tapping the ecosystem of construction technology

The technology in question is often owned by other stakeholders, such as the project owner. Which begs the question — how do you leverage the value of technology and data that doesn’t belong to you? Effective partnerships and integrations between stakeholders and systems create a valuable mine of data that can be used at all phases of construction to:

  • Enhance communications for teams and stakeholders
  • Improve future bids through data and predictive analytics
  • Monitor and optimize labor, budgets, materials, scheduling, productivity, quality control, resource planning, equipment management, and much more

“Ryan Companies has always seen great gains by opening up our technology to all of our partners and teammates on a project, regardless of the company they work for. This provides transparency … and transparency provides trust.”

–Mike Ernst, VP Insights and Innovations at Ryan Companies

How StructionSite can help

At StructionSite, believe that tools work best when they work together. From Procore and Autodesk® BIM 360™ to Egnyte™ and OneDrive, we’re working hard to ensure that our solutions work seamlessly with the products and platforms our clients depend on.

(You can view a complete listing of our current integrations here. Don’t see an integration you wish we offered? Tell us about it.)

You own your data, and we’re committed to enabling it to flow from our software to wherever else you need it. I’ll give you an example of this commitment to openness: the production tracking data captured by our SmartTrack® product can quickly be downloaded to a .csv file, making it simple to display the information in a way that’s easy to consume.

“We know that time spent moving information from one software product to another is time you're not doing what matters: making decisions and solving problems. That's why we're committed to providing seamless integrations between StructionSite and all the other essential tools for your work.”

–Tom Alterman, VP of Product at StructionSite

How can StructionSite help you? 

To talk about your specific challenges and integration needs, schedule a demo today.

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