Using AI to Identify Areas of Risk From Your StructionSite Images

Jill Jairl
September 22, 2021

​​Newmetrix’s new and improved integration with Structionsite VideoWalk makes it simple to analyze 360 site imagery to reduce safety risk.

Newmetrix, a construction technology company that uses AI and advanced analytics to reduce safety risk, has made its StructionSite integration even more powerful with the addition of support for StructionSite’s VideoWalk feature.  

Our VideoWalk lets field users gather 360 video imagery by simply walking the jobsite with a recommended 360 camera. During the walk, imagery is collected and automatically mapped to project plans by the location and date captured – reducing the time required to gather images instead of taking still photos. 

Thanks to our new integration with Newmetrix, our customers can now get even more value from the video and image data they are already collecting. 

Newmetrix automatically pulls image and video data from your StructionSite VideoWalk across all of a company’s projects. The platform’s AI, Vinnie, analyzes the same images to identify more than 100 safety risks. Vinnie has already been able to identify safety issues such as work at height, housekeeping, improper ergonomics, and many more. 

Using predictive analytics, Vinnie combines the image data with other project data to determine the level of safety risk for each project and predicts which 20% of projects will be responsible for 80% of the risk. As a result, construction companies can target their safety resources to projects with the most impact. 

“Newmetrix has been analyzing StructionSite images from our projects for 18 months,” said Takashi Tsuchiya, Deputy Section Manager at Obayashi Construction. “The Safety AI has generated over 50,000 observations that our safety and project teams can use as opportunities for engagement. This saves time, increases the number of relevant conversations we can have about safety, and has been used by our risk department to work on lowering our insurance rates.”  

Because this was a pre-built integration, it only requires a few clicks for Newmetrix to analyze site images. And with support for VideoWalk, Newmetrix can explore even more StructionSite data to improve the accuracy of risk predictions.

If you are a StructionSite user looking to get more information about our Newmetrix Integration, drop us an email and someone will get in touch. 

You can learn more about our new integration and get in touch for more information over on

Making your images more valuable

With our newly released Newmetrix integration, StructionSite customers get more value out of the data they are already collecting across projects by uncovering signals of safety risk.

One of our key integration users, Obayashi, has been using this integration to make communication much more efficient and effective, reduce risk exposure, rework, and trips to the jobsite. Some of the ways they are finding immediate value are:

Saving time
Use the visual documentation you are collecting today to create opportunities for safety engagement and to predict safety risks.

Reducing risk through more focused engagement
Get ahead of safety issues before they arise by focusing on the right projects and creating opportunities for conversations on safety.

Protecting profitability
Lower your RIR and reduce the number and severity of claims.

Negotiating better insurance rates
Use your data and predictive-based safety program to demonstrate safety leadership.

Takashi (Taka) Tsuchiya Ph.D. of Obayashi’s Silicon Valley Ventures Laboratory, recently walked us through how the site walks users are capturing are used to create safety metric dashboards and safety engagement photo reports for headquarter and project teams. You can catch the recording of our conversation by watching the video below.

Get ahead of safety issues before they arise.

Interested in the StructionSite Newmetrix integration? Follow this link to get in touch! If you are already a StructionSite user, reach out to your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

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