You Want to Work With Us. Here’s Why.

Priyank Savla
December 9, 2019

Do you love making a difference? Are you looking for a collaborative team with a strong mission? If you’re on the job hunt—or are just open to a new and exciting career—check out StructionSite. When you join the team, you’ll get:

Growth Opportunities

You will learn—a lot. We hire for experience and skills, then give our teammates the freedom to take ownership of their work and rise to the challenges that come along the way.

At StructionSite, we’re building from the ground up, so you’ll be asked to do things that give you the chance to develop new skills and test your mettle in new areas.  Every day brings opportunities for massive growth. Additionally, you’ll be able to work alongside industry leaders and innovative people who will challenge you in the best ways.


Every startup is unique, and this is the time when we’re shaping our future. Every member of our team contributes to creating our culture on a daily basis. We’re a fun group of people, and perks and activities (like weekly team lunches) are evolving with us as we grow. I'm still advocating for a StructionSite Karaoke Day.

Since we're still small, you’ll get to peel back the curtain and get the experience you couldn't at a large company. We're small enough that you can easily talk to every specialization and understand what they do, along with what their current opportunities and challenges are. In a few years, you could easily have the knowledge to start your very own startup—plus you’ll have made deep connections with like-minded people. 


Taking the right risks gives you the opportunity to reap major rewards. Becoming a founding member of StructionSite allows you to have significant impact on the future of our company. By taking ownership, always learning and expressing gratitude as you achieve your goals, we all achieve our goals and thrive as a company.


Your voice matters. We value the input of every person on our team. Your ideas can change the direction of our company and have a real impact on its outcome. Here, you’ll be able to talk to the people who have the power to make the changes that you’d like to see made.

Realistically, at a big company, most employees can't have any real interaction with the leadership team, let alone the CEO. StructionSite is different. If you want to get to know Matt, our CEO, he's one Slack call away (or, if you're in Oakland, a 2-minute walk).

We also implement the kinds of perks we can all agree on. Tell us how you want to work, and we can make it happen.


You’ll get to work independently. We move fast, which means our team members are nimble and thrive in a constantly evolving environment. We hire people who are creative, smart and enjoy figuring things out along the way, all while exceeding expectations. If you like trailblazing your own path, you’ll love it here. At StructionSite, you truly own the work that you do.

What’s more, you’ll be a part of the process creation. More than likely, there isn't a playbook or an established process to follow for what you'll be working on. We're still testing the plays and figuring things out. When you work with us, you’ll have the opportunity to make your work life and processes optimal for yourself and your team.


We're flexible. We decided early on that we wanted to embrace our remote work nature and doing so has given us the opportunity to hire smart people all over the world. There are just too many great people that aren't in California that we want to work with us!

Similarly, if you start working in our key locations—Oakland, Austin or Pasadena—and you end up having to move for whatever reason, don’t sweat it. We’ll work with you to accommodate the change.

We offer flextime and flex days to all of our team members. That means you’ll have the option for variable starting hours—not just your typical 9 to 5. We’ve found that this is ideal for those who have young families or a whacky commute. We also have specific days when we go to the office and other days we work from home.

Finally, we don’t just talk about our values, we live them. We each share what we’re grateful for with our team each Friday, and are dedicated to #AlwaysBeLearning and gaining new knowledge to help us be better equipped for the innovative work that we do.

Let's Talk

I hope this highlighted some of the reasons why you might want to work with our team. If the above resonated with you, it just so happens that WE'RE HIRING. Check out our Careers page and let’s talk!

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