Do You Know What Got Done Today? Machine Vision Unlocks the Answer to This Question.

Matt Daly
February 25, 2020

Do you know what got done today? In construction, the answer isn’t as simple as “X widgets were produced” or similar quantifiers that other industries use to measure productivity.

Assessing the amount of work completed on a jobsite on any given day is a matter of looking at the plan vs. actual work installed. But manual tracking is cumbersome and unreliable, begging the question, how can you set your team up for success?

Using Machine Vision to Quantify What’s Getting Done

At StructionSite, we’re building intelligent software that sets you up with data for the future, but also provides immediate value TODAY.

By using the visual data captured during site documentation in tandem with artificial intelligence, we can now use that machine vision to understand the amount of work that’s been completed in relation to the scope of the project. Leveraging machine learning to “understand” images from the jobsite, we’re able to translate that information into actionable insights that make managing a project much more predictable and provides the ability to make better decisions.

At an Artificial Intelligence Meetup with PCL in Calgary this February, Tom Myers, our Head of Applied AI, recently spoke about how StructionSite is using Applied ML to solve the challenges of automated construction project tracking via field-acquired visual documentation. For AI/ML experts working in other fields, this application within the construction industry struck a cord as a practical solution to the problems being faced every day.

Why? Because the data is at our fingertips. According to Myers,

“When we apply machine learning to 360-degree imagery from the jobsite, we gain an understanding of what has happened and can provide the real-world visual evidence of the progress happening on the site. Ultimately, we can drive for understanding that leads to quantification and better decision-making.”

Wondering how this will directly impact you? Here it is:

  • When you understand what is happening in your jobsite images, you can understand what is actually happening on the project.
  • This takes the guesswork out by providing real data, backed up by your own images.
  • You can then quantify in metrics what is happening on your projects.

Make Intelligent Data Your Competitive Edge

Do you know what got done on your project today? Now you can.

Data has become intelligent, showing trends across regions, crews and project teams. By using the insight of machine vision to understand imagery from your jobsite, you no longer have to face the unknown. Instead, you’ll gain insight from accurate and reliable data on the performance of your jobs, giving you the ability to create more competitive bids and deliver successful and profitable projects.

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for. 

Coming Soon: Get in touch with our team to learn about new products launching in 2020.

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