Remote Jobsite Access During COVID-19

Priyank Savla
January 1, 1970

During the difficult times we’re currently facing, it’s important to look for uncommon ways in which we can serve one another. Across the board, businesses are looking for solutions that allow them to monitor their assets, protect their people and ensure a seamless transition to normalcy when this period of quarantine passes.

To that end, we’d like to discuss some aspects of the StructionSite platform that our customers are using to accomplish all three of those goals. You may have seen a message from our CEO, Matt Daly, regarding StructionSite’s COVID-19 thoughts and our offer of 60 days of free access to our platform. It’s important to us that you can leverage these tools right now at the lowest cost of entry possible.

StructionSite customers are using remote access and digital jobsite documentation to:

Limit Staff Interaction

Social distancing has become one of the most important concepts in the wake of COVID-19. Our site documentation automation tool turns one site walk from a teammate with a 360 camera into a Google Street View-type experience for every stakeholder on the entire project. That means even if only one person is onsite, the whole project team can still have complete visual access to the site from the safety and comfort of their home.

By being digitally on-site, teams are staying completely safe while accomplishing tasks like tracking trades with just-in-time delivery of scopes, as well as providing reporting on work-in-progress to all relevant stakeholders.

Monitor Equipment

While the goals of construction jobsite documentation are tracking and projecting progress, we’ve heard first-hand accounts of our clients using the StructionSite platform for something entirely different. As looting and equipment theft start occurring more often, with thieves knowing that jobsites will be empty, quick access to camera footage can make all the difference in reporting and recovering lost assets.

Mitigate Risk

One thing that all businesses are striving to do during this pandemic is protecting themselves from the unexpected. Whether it’s something as large as a complete site shutdown or a smaller concern like delay claims and trade damage, our platform provides project teams, banks and insurance providers with data they can trust.

Guard Against Legal Disputes

A question being hotly debated is whether or not force majeure clauses excuse performance during a pandemic. While we can’t weigh in on this debate, we can tell you that StructionSite customers are turning to our platform for secure and reliable access to accurate jobsite documentation. This is one of the surest ways a business can protect itself.

Transition Back To Work Smoothly

When this outbreak comes to a close, businesses will immediately work to transition back to productivity quickly and without error. Platforms like StructionSite will be vital, as the precise status of each job site and workflow will be clearly documented, along with any unexpected side-effects of a work stoppage.

StructionSite is designed to reduce rework, increase efficiency and reduce risk, all of which will be critical as projects start moving again.

We sincerely hope this discussion sparked some new ideas and helped provide some peace of mind during this stressful time. We’re committed to doing our part to ease stress as we face this crisis together. As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, we’re offering 60-days of free platform access to any new customer for quick documentation needs. Getting signed-up is easy, and our support staff is standing by to help.

From our team to yours, stay safe and take care.

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