Protect Your Project from the Unknown with Machine Understanding of Images

Priyank Savla
February 10, 2019

Preparing for the unknown is tricky, especially when it comes to business decisions. But that’s the kind of dilemma we face every single day in the construction industry. 

In today’s fast-paced, tech-forward marketplace, delivering successful and profitable projects requires solutions that are data-driven, and it’s no longer a matter of getting ahead: it’s a matter of survival.

The Challenge

The stats stack against the construction industry. This year alone, the U.S. is projected to spend $1.3 trillion on construction, and $20 billion will be lost due to labor and inefficiency related to manually tracking production. (reference?)
What does this mean for you? 46% of time in construction is considered to be wasteful activity, contributing to a staggering loss of money and time.

When teams don’t have visibility or accountability on a daily basis, production rates are unknown and projects often fail to be profitable.

Mitigate Risk and Protect Your Project

A big factor as to why so many projects lose money is the fact that no data is providing insight into what is happening on a jobsite. But there’s a remedy: jobsite documentation.

Consistent site documentation provides visibility for everyone from the general contractor and subcontractors to the owner and architects. Knowing the potential risk of waste and inefficiencies, documentation makes teams accountable and helps everyone stay on track. But visibility is only the first step to the solution. By using visual data from site documentation, we can quantify and understand the amount of work that’s been completed in relation to the scope of the project. With data accuracy and reliability, fee erosion can finally be controlled.

Using Machine Learning to Understand and Quantify What’s Getting Done

At StructionSite, we’re building an intelligent software that sets you up with data for the future, but also provides immediate value TODAY.

Fueled by reality capture data and artificial intelligence, we’re leveraging machine learning to understand images from the jobsite and translate it into actionable insights that make managing a project much more predictable and provides the ability to make better decisions.

Wondering how this will directly impact you? Here it is:

  • When you understand what is happening in your jobsite images, you can understand what is actually happening on the project.
  • This takes the guesswork out by providing real data, backed up by their own images.
  • You can then quantify in metrics what is happening on your projects.

The Solution is Here

Do you know what got done on your project today? Now you can.

Data has become intelligent, showing trends across regions, crews and project teams. By using the insight of machine learning to understand imagery from your jobsite, you no longer have to face the unknown. Instead, you’ll gain insight from real data that gives you the ability to deliver successful and profitable projects.

This is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Get in touch with our team to learn about new products coming soon.

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