3 Ways StructionSite Can Keep Projects Moving During COVID-19

Nicole Heger
April 1, 2020

We know these are difficult times for our country and our industry. With work conditions constantly changing for the construction industry during COVID-19, it can be challenging to plan for the unknown.

But you’re not alone. If you’re wondering how to best manage essential business operations in the midst of this global pandemic, here’s some insight into how some of our customers are using StructionSite to keep their projects moving during this time:

Remote Jobsite Access

For your newly remote workforce, StructionSite provides a fast and simple way to give the entire team complete visual access to the jobsite.

Our site documentation automation tool turns one site walk from a teammate with a 360° camera into a Google Street View-type experience for every stakeholder on the entire project. That means even if only one person is onsite, the whole project team can still have complete visual access to the site from the safety and comfort of their home.

According to Kaushal Diwan, National Director of Innovation at DPR Construction, “StructionSite has been an invaluable solution for many DPR projects, especially during the COVID crisis. It has really helped those crews quickly document projects.” With quick documentation, DPR’s staff in the field has been able to share the current status of projects to the rest of their team members, no matter where they are located.

Limit Staff Interaction

Because of the need for social distancing right now, the safety of your employees is dependent on reducing the number of people on the jobsite. Luckily, StructionSite gives your staff remote access to what’s happening online, ensuring their safety and keeping team interaction to a minimum.

This way, your team can be on-site without physically being there, and you’ll still be able to do things like track trades with just-in-time delivery of scopes, as well as provide reporting on work-in-progress to your stakeholders.

Mitigate Risk

Perhaps the most relevant for the situation we find ourselves in today with COVID-19, our customers are using StructionSite to protect themselves from the unexpected.

Whether it’s a delay claim, trade damage, or a complete site shutdown, we provide the project team, banks, and insurance providers with photographic documentation and data they can trust to verify the actual status of the site on any given date and location.

The project teams at Barton Malow have been actively doing what they can to mitigate risk during this time. According to Ted Jennings, Senior VDC Manager, “throughout the COVID pandemic, there have been multiple challenges thrown at construction projects. One challenge that Barton Malow was faced with was photographic documentation for jobsites. Documenting existing conditions across many of our sites in the most organized and efficient way became a large priority. With the help of StructionSite, their platform has provided Barton Malow with the best solution for detailed, easily accessible photo navigation and comparison.” He added that, as an additional benefit, “the ease of accessibility through StructionSite’s intuitive user interface allows teams to remotely view their projects.”

How Can We Help? 

Our team at StructionSite knows that these times are difficult and there is a lot that’s unknown in the days ahead. That’s why we’re offering free access to our site documentation software for 60 days, so you can protect your jobsites immediately and without cost.

Head over to our letter from our CEO, Matt Daly, to get the details, request access, and get started right away with tutorial videos.

We hope you take us up on this offer to protect your work, and maybe discover a new way of working that makes you never want to go back to the old way.

Stay safe out there, and take care.

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