Outgrowing our boot: StructionSite walks into a new brand era

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We should be making changes that scare us. If we’re not breathless, are we going far enough?

With those brave sentiments, our designers set out to boldly match our company brand to our team ethos and to our industry’s vibrant future.

And we think we got it. We strived to make the new brand simple, unpretentious, flexible, modular and modern. It captures both the fundamentals and the future of construction. It tells our story succinctly and excitedly—but it does mean moving on from our ‘boot’.

Old StructionSite logoStructionSite founders

Intelligent project tracking. Walking into a new era

In 2016, two friends from construction and two world-class software engineers founded StructionSite and ‘the boot’ became its public face. It made sense: a decent pair of work boots is base-level PPE for a busy jobsite. So for six years the boot has happily announced we’re from construction, for construction, walking the walk with you—a particularly perfect analogy when we introduced our first major product feature, VideoWalk®.

But now we’ve outgrown the boot as a singular symbol of what we do—and so has the construction industry. While a solid pair of boots will always be essential to construction, we can now do so much more than walk. With smart data capture and automated production tracking at the scale we offer, what we do is as much about data and insights as it is about boots on the ground. In fact, the most intelligent construction management is the seamless combination of site visits, advanced data capture and remote project tracking that our suite of products allows.

Project tracking is no longer limited to physical jobsite visits. It’s expanded to include being smart with the time you’re there and capturing data that will improve time and cost outcomes from anywhere—even from across the country.

And so we’re keeping our real boots but moving on from our boot logo.

Illustration of building block logo

Introducing the building block.
A future-focused, flexible icon

The building block is the core component of every construction project. It could be a brick or a concrete masonry unit, used to build a wall or line the exterior skin of a building. It’s tangible, reliable, useful. To us, the building block is also the bridge between the digital and physical worlds, representing the intersection of digital design and construction. It’s both analog and digital, the ‘past’ and the ‘future’ in one.

The new StructionSite logo is the building block. At its simplest, it’s four rectangles. At its most complex, it’s clever combinations arranged to convey:
Construction – from small brick wall to office tower; moving from plan to reality. Modularity – innovative methods; modular construction; gathering bits of data to make the whole and drive success. People – a team, a crew; customer–supplier relationships; the networks the building trades depend on. Simplicity – frictionless processes; building smarter; seeing every component clearly for better oversight and management; ease and flow.

StructionSite animation showing breakdown of logo for Site Documentation and SmartTrack
StructionSite logo on computer

Our mission is to reduce the chaos and uncertainty in construction by giving builders smarter tools and unbiased data to help them track their projects.

We design and build smart yet simple software that captures job sites, quantifies progress and keeps projects on track. In that way, we are a fundamental building block for the construction industry—and we’re proud of it.

Telling the world a better story.

As a company, we’ve never been more excited. Because StructionSite isn’t about building software for software’s sake. With construction running in our veins, we design and develop technologies that solve the greatest challenges of the modern job site and the industry itself.

If the goal was to make changes that scare us, we brought it home. The new building block branding at first surprised, then quickly won wild applause—because it screams so much of what the company is about.

Here is a logo that speaks to the bigger picture: that with the right tools and the right people, the construction industry can quite literally build the world better. It’s a story of confidence, progress and vibrancy. And we’re here for it.

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