Product Updates

We house our updates here to keep you informed. Please email support@structionsite.com with any questions about any of these updates, or suggestions on what we should work on.

Updates since 9.11.19


Update – Released 8/12/19

  • Insta360 capture update: There was a change made with the mobile capture that allowed the Insta 360 cameras to save files in their native form, insp. This was reverted back and now it is in jpeg format.
  • Offline Deliverable Updates:
    • Added VideoWalk Timelapse files to be downloaded with the export, no floorplan placeholders will be shown…yet!
    • Updated folder structure by file types for easier navigation.
    • Preserve meta-data when exporting information!

Update – Released 9/3/19

  • One shot upload for 360 images, and VideoWalk™
  • Insta360 Video stitching updates
  • Photo Albums; Delete, Search by Drawing, list & thumbnail view
  • Project Display dashboard, search, list & thumbnail view
  • No more creating of blank tags
  • Fix Mini-map not expanding for public link


Updated iOS App Version 1.32.0 – Released 9/11/19

  • VideoWalk™ Timeline filter – Modified for mobile
  • Tap to hide menu on drawing view, tap to open menu
  • HDR Mode toggle defined by camera
  • If there are 0 projects allow page to load
  • Remove play button for Insta360 ONE X VideoWalks™
  • GPS Calibration – one scaling tool for drawing and one for map

Updated iOS App Version 1.31.0 – Released 8/19/19

  • Sync Screen Updates:
      • We notify users if they have a missing file for them to go straight into the Sync Screen (for recovery).
      • No longer allowing deletion of items during a sync.
      • Some fixes for issues caused by cancelling a sync.
      • Also added logic to bridge both syncs living side by side temporarily. Ideally over time we will be able to delete the old sync logic.
      • Shows a detailed list of failed sync items with recovery steps.
  • Automated Recovery
    • If your mobile device is disconnected during the camera to mobile transfer we can now do an automated recovery where we ask the customer to connect to a specific device and then can pull the files that weren’t recovered properly. Insta360 ONE X videos and photos,  Garmin VIRB 360 videos and photos, and RICOH Theta Photos
  • Insta 360 VideoWalk
    • VideoWalk™ available now on all Insta360 ONE X camera’s
  • iOS Remember your Split View Locations
    • We now remember all orientations of the split screen for all 360 image combinations, including progress images
    • Store different split view options on your device to eliminate the need to align the same photos over and over again
  • BIM 360 Single Sign On


Updates since 7.25.2019


New project home page

We have created a true home page so that you can quickly see all of your projects upon signing in.

Timeline for VideoWalks

We have changed the ability to view VideoWalks from having to scroll through the calendar view, to now having a more streamlined timeline view at the bottom of your screen. Simply click on the filter button and select the dates of walks you’d like to see.

Public Project Link

Public project links can either be “Enabled” or “Disabled” for a project. This link can be shared with anyone and provides them access to the project in a view only mode. We have updated the permissions so if you have already shared a link but want to terminate anyones access all you have to do is click “Disable” this feature and then save. If you would like more information on how to use the Public Project Links follow this articles instructions: https://help.structionsite.com/en/articles/2260328-public-encrypted-links-to-view-projects.


Users have asked and we listened, now you are able to zoom in and out in a more incremental manner!

GDPR Compliance

We are now GDPR compliant and have removed the EU block!


iOS App Version 1.30.0

iOSStore your 360 Camera Info for Easy Login

For easier 360 capture you can now store the information for any device after the first time connecting!

iOS Remember your Split View Locations

Store different split view options on your device to eliminate the need to align the same photos over and over again!

iOS capture Insta360 images in .jpg file type

Insta 360 camera was capturing in the .insp file type. This has been modified to only capture in .jpeg.

Android VideoWalk!!!!

We are now supporting the VideoWalk functionality on Android devices.

UPDATES since 7.16.2019


– Fixed bug with incorrect numbering of RFIs
– Adding RFI/Observation title has changed from Add Chat to Add Note to match across platforms.

– Timeline view in lieu of the calendar for VideoWalks.
– Outline all steps of VideoWalk, define what is tracked and what needs to be. Create a way to track the sync failures between WEB & Mobile.

– When you upload a drawing the drawing should load on the screen without having to refresh.
– PDF Export sheet size consistency fixed.

Admin Panel:
– Ability to delete a user: Remove from all projects, remove pending invites, remove user from admin panel.
– Support ticket move drawings from one project to another.

– Updated Terms of Services and Privacy page.

UPDATES since 7.7.2019


– Renamed Mobile Chat to Notes. This now matches WEB.
– Modified click to add, and click to reposition. Fixed VideoWalk notes to sync across web & mobile.

– Added a 3 page slider prompt for best practices. This is presented 3 times, at least a week apart.
– Added a visual countdown for VideoWalks that let’s people know a VideoWalk is about to start.
– Added toggle in Settings for VideoWalk VIRB FIT uploads. This will allow us to correct tilt on VIRB VideoWalks. This is pending additional work on the web side. Updates to follow.
– Fix for showing VideoWalks offline.
– Fix for VideoWalk continuation logic.
– Removed old VideoWalk best practices alert and now sending to Web page.
– Improved VideoWalk analytics for tracking and future improvements.

– Fix for mobile device having an incorrect date & time. This is a security issue which causes all network calls to fail. Proper error alert and messaging.
– Fix for Pending Pin Image Upload when Pin Image has been deleted.
– Adding logging for VideoWalk Size Requests.

Insta One X VideoWalk:
– Fix for being stuck in a VideoWalk loop when not having any network.
– Fix for live preview related VideoWalk shenanigans.

– Fix for more consistent deleting of pins.
– Wrap up of large recovery project.
– Fix for drawing calibration bug.

UPDATES since 5.30.2019

For Web:

-Faster turnaround times for VideoWalks; current processing time for 95% of videowalks is <24 hours, assuming best practices for field capture are followed
-Fixed a bug where password reset emails were not using our professional GDPR-compliant templates
-Fixed a bug where some projects would not have optimized fast photo loading
-Many bug fixes to photo albums and other various issues regarding filtering

For iOS:

-Gear360 2016 and 2017 cameras now work perfectly again!
-Fixed a bug that caused some users to have VideoWalks that fail to properly upload. This should highly increase reliability
-When viewing photos in split-view, the images are no longer stretched
-Inter-hotspot jumping in VideoWalks now provide a smooth transition
-Added popup message to prevent accidentally stopping a VideoWalk too soon (if <5 seconds) while doing a walk

For Admin Panel:
– Added mixpanel tracking for all events to all page views & actions
– Added month over month views chart
– Added Top 5 users and projects by view count
– Displayed videowalks count

UPDATES since 5.15.2019

Web App:

-There is now a new “Photo Album” section of the web app, which allows you to view and filter all of the photos in the project at the same time across drawings, sorted by date. This allows you to bulk-tag photos across projects, as well as be able to better access photos bulk-imported via the GPS fence. The interface is similar to many traditional photo-organization apps, so users with familiarity with those apps can feel more at ease as they transition to using StructionSite as a system-of-record for photo capture.
-You can now enable automated archival of photos to AutoDesk BIM 360, PlanGrid, and BlueBeam Studio Prime!
-Export of online PDFs will now take into account filters, such that viewing the photos from the PDF will *only* allow access to the photos made available by the filter. If you do not apply any filters upon creating an online PDF export, users will be able to access all progress photos within visible pins.
-Better sign-in experience on a mobile web browser (adaptive to the screen)
-Invitation emails fixed
-You can add drawings from PlanGrid
-Photos added to StructionSite can be automatically synced to PlanGrid/Photos synced to PlanGrid automatically open up correctly as a 360 photo

UPDATES since 4.30.2019

Web Updates:

-A more intuitive notification system has been added for videowalks that are still processing. You will now see the exact count of walks still being processed when viewing a drawing, instead of placeholders
-You can now track number of VideoWalks on a drawing or a project, similar to how you can track standard and 360 photos.
-You can now filter photos/videos by user more efficiently, by selecting from a list from those who actually took photos, rather than a comprehensive team list -Fixed an issue where a new project created by an enterprise administrator is not immediately visible by that enterprise admin’s dashboard
-Fixed a bug when using the VideoWalk split view feature, where changing the date of one walk changed the wrong screen
-Various improvements to VideoWalk pipeline to ensure faster delivery of VideoWalks

iOS Updates:
-You can now lock the orientation of two side-by-side 360 photos
-You can now track number of VideoWalks on a drawing or a project, similar to how you can track standard and 360 photos.
-Auto-enable GPS lock on the Garmin VIRB to ensure correct timestamps for VideoWalks
-Fixed a bug that caused progress photos to get added to the incorrect pins
-Fixed a bug that sometimes caused photos from the Insta360 One X to not stitch
-Removed “Video Mode” in settings which caused users to confuse it for VideoWalk -Various Stability improvements and enhancements to reliability

UPDATES since 4.02.2019

-Inter-hotspot jumping inside VideoWalks!
-Now you can see what orientation you’re facing while looking at a frame in a VideoWalk!
-Improvements to reliability of Aleta Ultracker S2C camera
-fixed a bug that may cause some Insta360 One X to fail to stitch correctly
-Increased reliability with the Garmin VIRB, to reduce failed video uploads from mobile
-More intuitive interface when VideoWalks are still undergoing processing
-Removed “Video mode” setting to remove confusion. Please use “Walk” mode to do VideoWalks!

UPDATES since 4.02.2019


-VideoWalk frame auto-progress. When you view a VideoWalk frame, and there was another videowalk taken at a different time that has a node close by (approximately 5 feet), it’ll automatically show up in the timeline (similar to if there were progress photos), with the corresponding dates. When clicking split view, it will automatically load the frame. Basically it works similar to progress photos now. More updates to this to come
-VideoWalk frames now instant-load (progressive tile loading) similar to 360 photos. Important for slower connections/remote jobsites
-When transitioning around a VideoWalk via hotspots, the mini-map now re-centers based on your current location
-Added ability to rotate the direction of a directional pin on the web after-the-fact.
-Fixed a bug related to Procore RFI’s and Observations not showing up or being able to get created for some people
-Fixed bug in text in project invitation emails where it didn’t list the actual user’s name
-Fixed bug related to split view of VideoWalks not syncing rotation correctly
-Tons of other internal bug fixes and optimizations
-Walks are now no longer shown to users unless our AI/Computer Vision back-end processing has both fully aligned the videowalk to the drawing, and blurry frames removed
-Highly stabilized the Procore photo sync issues; requires logging out and logging back in to StructionSite using your Procore account to fix it
-Unsubscribe links in emails fixed


Updates for iOS:
-Support for Insta360 One X (improved with latest update).
-Fixed bug where adding a new 360 progress photo would cluster, thus seeming to disappear
-Made VideoWalk workflow cleaner by optimizing dialog boxes
-Clearer indicator that a sync is pending
-Removed default 2 second timer for VIRB photo capture
-Fix issue for Insta360 One X/VIRB for some users who connected via the manufacturer’s app
-Various minor bug fixes
-Android Beta is now out! To sign up for the beta, contact us at support@structionsite.com

UPDATES since 1.22.2019


-New and improved view-cone! Based on your zoom level, the cone will narrow (zoomed in, smaller field of view) or widen (zoomed out, bigger field of view) to assist with better correlating the drawing to what you’re seeing!
-Improvements for photos syncing to Procore. Duplicate albums no longer being created, and all photos should be able to finish syncing successfully as new photos are added
-Ability to remove blurry frames from VideoWalks (automatic blurry frame removal coming soon)

UPDATES since 11.28.2018

-Ability to Filter VideoWalks now works on mobile. Actually, you can filter by any media type now via a toggle on/off, to be more consistent with the web
-Users who don’t have the latest VIRB firmware (4.1) will now get an alert and will get forwarded to the App store to open up the VIRB app, which will update the firmware in a way that’s much easier and more convenient than having to plug into the computer
-As the VIRB connects to the phone, you are good to go and don’t have to think about how to change the settings (besides ensuring you have the latest firmware version)
-Bugs fixed related to uploading VideoWalks
-Bugs fixed related to some issues with syncing
-Switching between taking photos and VideoWalks now works perfectly
-You can now share a VideoWalk frame from mobile
-Tons of improvements to stability

UPDATES since 11.28.2018

-VideoWalks now get exported via PDF, just like the photos
-Flat videos now work correctly when viewing on the web

Rest of the updates focused on some internal work
-steps to try to fix ProCore (still in progress)
-Hoffman import of photos (to satisfy enterprise agreement requirements)
-Infrastructure improvements for downstream sprints (optimization of admin panel reliability)
-Fixed bug where sample projects weren’t showing up for new signups

-Added a two step “stop” workflow for videowalk, so that you first stop the video, THEN define the end position of your walk. Provides for a more streamlined experience!
-Major optimizations with VideoWalk workflow and interactions with the Garmin VIRB camera (checking firmware, ensuring the right videos are being uploaded, issues related to switching between photos and videos, ensuring stability, etc.)
-Ability to share a videowalk frame
-Attempted for the Gear360 2016 (still ongoing)
-Automatically check to make sure you have enough storage on your mobile device before taking photos

UPDATES since 10.22.2018


-VideoWalks now get exported via PDF, just like the photos
-Flat videos now work correctly when viewing on the web


-Added a two step “stop” workflow for videowalk, so that you first stop the video, THEN define the end position of your walk. Provides for a more streamlined experience!
-Major optimizations with VideoWalk workflow and interactions with the Garmin VIRB camera (checking firmware, ensuring the right videos are being uploaded, issues related to switching between photos and videos, ensuring stability, etc.)
-Ability to share a videowalk frame
-Fixes for the Gear360 2016
-AUtomatically check to make sure you have enough storage on your mobile device before taking photos

UPDATES since 10.22.2018

-360 photos and standard photos now cluster based on zoom! This allows for a cleaner and smoother experience when viewing drawings with a large number of photos.
-You can now add clickable hyperlinks within 360 photos/standard photos/VideoWalk frames by Windows+ALT clicking anywhere within a photo. Use this workflow to quickly add a link to a training video, PDF submittal/equipment maintenance manual, etc.!
-You can now edit hotspots you’ve created by SHIFT-clicking on an existing hotspot, in order to move/remove them.

+ UPDATES Since 10.03.2018


  • New VideoWalk mobile workflow! Connect your VIRB and produce VideoWalks by giving the app a start/end location. No need to plug your camera into your computer anymore!

+ UPDATES Since 09.04.2018


  • Inter-hotspot jumping on web! Ability to add hotspots between any 2 types of media (360 video frame, 360 photo, standard photo) by holding SHIFT and clicking while viewing a photo
  • You can now upload Timelapse videos for VideoWalk! These videos are much smaller in file size while achieving similar results. Best if you set the timer to 0.5 seconds
  • For videowalk path fixing – Ability to lock nodes (hold command) and adjust nodes much more easily, to help eliminate drift in videowalk path
  • Side-by-Side videowalk frame against any 360 photo (including Navisworks imported photos)
  • Full mini-map controls on VideoWalk frame
  • Fixed a bug where a user could not use offline export if the project has any progress photos
  •  Videowalk path UI refined – the lines connecting the nodes don’t show up unless selected or editing, to help make things look cleaner. More refinements to come

+ UPDATES Since 08.20.2018


  • Support for GovCloud. Request to have your sensitive project data stored on GovCloud for your federal projects that require extra-high security and FEDRamp compliance.
  • Generate a public link to allow for access to projects to view photos and videowalks without needing to log in
  • Major improvements to VideoWalk – see frame meta-data, split-view comparison against other walks taken at different times, more path editing options for greater accuracy, live chat, RFI’s/Observations, link to a frame, and many more!
  • Ability to upload a profile images, for some added flair to your StructionSite experience!
  • Drop-down menu to switch drawings should now load very quickly for very large projects
  • Enhanced security option to prevent sharing/downloading of data by non-adminsitrators
  •  Fixed bug that preventing deleting of drawings/projects in certain casesiOS:
  • Upload profile images
  • SSO login option via OpenID for certain users
  • Fixed bug that prevented proper use of bulk-import of photos via GPS fence for certain users
  • Photos continue to sync when you put the app into the background for a period of time
  • Memory and stability optimizations

+ UPDATES Since 08.01.2018


  • Added ability to combine pins, for when you accidentally add new photos instead of leveraging the progress mode on mobile when capturing photos
  • Individual Lite-plan users can now access the tagging feature, as opposed to only project users
  • As VideoWalks are added, start/end positions are shown
  • VideoWalk paths now have a better look that is consistent with StructionSite’s design theme
  • VideoWalk paths now have individual nodes of where images are placed
  • Compass orientation (relative to project north) is now displayed as you are looking around the frame!
  • automated creation of inter-hotspots for VideoWalk improvediOS:
  • Added some measures to mitigate the issue of photos not syncing properly, especially in the case of low storage capacity.
  • Added the abilility to “recover” photos from the 360 camera when sync goes wrong
  • App will continue syncing in the background for a period of time when minimized
  • Warning will be given if you try to take photos and your phone is close or at max capacity
  • Fixed split view bug which caused the current image to get de-selected
  • When project-level sharing/download is disabled, you will no longer be able to share links (for enhanced security on sensitive projects)

+ UPDATES Since 07.06.2018


  • You can now load very large projects or many projects with no issue
  • Bug where the Mini-map disappeared when you clicked other pins is fixed
  • Bug where when you click on a pin and the drawing jumps around is fixed
  • Bug where deep links to photos or notes just took you to the drawing instead of the actual photo/note is fixed
  • Logic for moving and deleting pins/photos has been refined. Admins can do everything. Collaborators can only move/delete their own pins, and view-only can’t alter anything. Collaborators can only move/delete a pin if they were the first one to have captured an image on it, if there is a combination of users who’ve contributed to that pin
  • A pop-up notification for web saying VideoWalk upload is successful is now shown
  • VideoWalk inter-hotspot jumping is now accurately mapped
  • VideoWalk bug that caused the path to jump to the “save” button while editing the path is now fixed
  • VideoWalk path is “pre-flipped” to ensure a high likelihood that videowalks uploaded are correctly flipped/oriented upon initial processing


  • HDR mode now activate-able for Ricoh Theta cameras. Go to settings and turn it on. Pictures will come out much better and handle lighting better. But photo capture process will take a bit longer
  • Support for the Insta360 One camera (7K photos, compared to Ricoh Theta’s 5K photos). Camera must be physically connected to phone (directly or via extension)
  • Restriction of sharing photos if it’s been restricted on the project level (from web), for security purposes
  • Stronger performance for projects with many drawings
  • Many stabilizations to prevent app from crashing

+ UPDATES Since 05.21.2018


  • View only user – this user can be added directly or via an invite link. This type of user can only view drawings and photos. They cannot add, change, remove, or share anything. They cannot view other team members.
  • VideoWalk beta launch. Many continued improvements to that workflow not come.
  • Offline export has become live again. We still need to do a bit of testing for very large projects; if exports don’t work, please put in a chat request and we will get your export to you as soon as possible.
  • Significant improvement to many backend processes, such as processing documents, syncing lots of photos to a cloud storage provider, etc.
  • Ability to add new or existing RFIs into Procore (if you’ve enabled photo backup with Procore). If you create an RFI within procore, you will see a link within the RFI that takes you back to the exact viewpoint in StructionSite, which is clickable when it’s in PDF formiOS:
  • Ability to bulk-import photos you’ve taken with your regular iOS camera (without the StructionSite app) onto a GPS-aligned drawing. This is to consolidate all photos you’ve taken on the project if you’ve implemented StructionSite mid-project
  • Added several guides and resources for onboarding new users, and quick access to updates for experienced users.
  • Fixed an issue where drawing updates sometimes don’t show up on mobile
  • Made it easier for new users to begin a free 45-day project pilot to fully evaluate  StructionSite!

+ UPDATES Since 04.24.2018


  • We’ve made it much easier for admins to onboard and add new users on a project, without requiring the admin to manually enter email addresses as new users join a project. We have added ability to create a share link that requires approval for users to join. So when users add themselves to a project, an approve/deny box will show up for the administrator before the user can obtain access to a project (for security purposes). Alternatively, you can set the share link so that approval is automatic. You can turn this setting on/off globally, even with links you’ve already sent out.
  • Navisworks Beta feature is now relatively stable and available for beta users
  • Fixed a bug where signing up with a new account on StructionSite using your existing ProCore account from an invitation will not add you to the project
  • If a user adds a chat/note, and the title contains a link to a website, the link will be clickable
  • For PDF exports, the black bounding box that surrounds each pin has been hiddeniOS:
  • Ability to align GPS to drawing, so that you can track where you are on the drawing as you walk around the jobsite. This feature in it’s current state is meant to function as “assistance” for helping you locate yourself on a site that may have few physical features (i.e. dirtwork), and works best outdoors when GPS is most accurate
  • Added many tutorials for new users, i.e. how to capture photos, connect to cameras, use tags, leverage progress photos, and other workflows
  • Fixed issue where sometimes not all photos will sync successfully, and fail to sync. Syncing should be more stable now

+ UPDATES Since 03.29.2018

  • Users now can request to be put on a project trial, which allows a project to have unlimited users and access to all integrations and full StructionSite features for a given period of time for a fuller evaluation of the software
  • Fixed a bug where exporting a PDF the first time resulted in a blank PDF, which required clicking export again to get pins to show up.
  • Fixed a bug where when you go into the project info screen, you can’t get out without typing the project name
  • Fixed a bug where collaborators could not access the split-view function when viewing a photo
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from exporting large numbers of PINs
  • Refined the account page so it doesn’t show any expiration date or option to upgrade if you’re on a project team plan/enterprise plan. Also, it’ll actually tell you if you’re an enterprise administrator if you’ve been assigned that role (so that you can feel both more special and more powerful than regular users)
  • Refined the “Add User” popup so now it shows a description of what each user does (Admin, collaborator)
  • Added a “Share Link” that allows you to add users as an admin or collaborator. This link can be shared with others, and when they use that link, they can sign up for an account (or login to an existing account), and get automatically added to the project. This makes onboarding of new users much more streamlined without requiring email confirmation or having the admin manually add in each new user as the project goes on (ability to require approval and to turn off the public link coming in the next release)
  • Public photos now show notes/chats that have been added (Ability to turn this off globally to come in next release)
  • Fixed a bug where uploading a PDF as an image, or certain PDFs with certain markups in them, would not process
  • Added a workflow to be able to reset password directly from the account page, without having to log out, in case you forgot your password
  • Fixed a bug where when you add a progress photo to an existing photo, the photo gets de-selected
  • Fixed a bug where if you were adding a new area, and had many drawings, the list was not scrollable
  • Added a loading indicator to My Account Page so you don’t just see a blank screen

+ UPDATES Sinces 03.13.2018

  •  Area grouping of drawings (AKA folders). Whether you’re building a high-rise or have multiple buildings in your project, being able to organize the drawing backgrounds for your photos by building area is key for accessibility.
  • Auto-archiving of photos into Box, Egnyte, One-Drive, and more!
    You can now set up your project so that photos will get auto-exported into your cloud-provider of choice, such as Box, Egnyte, One-Drive, DropBox, Sharefile, and more! We also now do photo syncing on a project-level basis, with separated folders for each drawing automatically!
  • New enterprise-level accounts. Due to the fast growing number of companies who have decided to take advantage of StructionSite’s (rather cost-effective) enterprise plan, we have created a new type of super-user that allows for the creation of projects with unlimited users without requiring per-project approval by our staff!

Web Specific:

  • Support for an additional SSO option: OpenID Connect!
  • Fixed a bug where if you upload a PDF, it would have a green background
  • Fixed a bug that caused the rotation of a PDF upon upload
  • Changed sync of photos to ProCore from drawing level to project level
  • Fixed a bug where public viewed images wouldn’t show up correctly on FireFox or Internet Explorer
  • Added ability to add multiple email addresses at a time for new team members
  • Refine Project Tag management so it’s more stable and allows you to mass add/mass delete/edit tags

iOS Specific

  • Split view mode refinements
  • Fixed a bug where updated drawings on web didn’t always appear on mobile
  • Added a more serious warning for when you log out w/o syncing photos first (lets you know they will get deleted)
  • Allow users to login via ProCore credentials
  • Added a cool onboarding workflow to show you how to access photos
  • Fixed a bug where push notifications for new chats sometimes wouldn’t work

+ UPDATE 11.12.2017

 Web Updates:

  • You can now add drawings from Egnyte or ProCore, and any changes that occur to those drawings will seamlessly slipsheet within the StructionSite app to ensure photos are being captured on the latest drawings!
  • You can now sign up or login using your BIM 360 credentials, without having to memorize a separate login
  • Offline Deliverable has been refined to include in the ZIP files relative-hyperlinked PDFs (to work 100% offline) which will link directly to photos within the same folder, and a special PDFs to allow you to quickly browse PINs that have many progress photos on them
  • Fixed bug that prevented uploading of photo files (JPG, PNG) as drawings
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes when you export a PDF, it’s rotated and cropped

    iOS Updates:

  • Now when you reply to a note, you can @ mention someone. You type @, and it’ll pull up a list of collaborators in the project. When you @ mention someone, yourself as well as that other person will receive an email if there is anyone else that responds to that note
  • iOS notifications when someone replies to a note (slack-style). When a note you’ve subscribed to is responded to, you’ll get a notification with what the message says on your iOS device. When you tap on the notification, it’ll take you right to that photo and orient you towards that note, so you can see the context and quickly reply to it
  • Ability to share a note – you can take any note and generate a hyperlink that can be texted or emailed. If that note is opened on an iOS device, then it’ll automatically take the user to that note within the photo in the StructionSite app without having to navigate there on their own. Note this works on iOS only, not web yet
  • Tap/hold to move a pin that hasn’t yet been synced, in case you’ve made a mistake in the placement of that PIN
  • Fixed bug where swapping between landscape and portrait mode resulted in the photo position jumping to a different spot
  • Fixed a bug where tapping on the live preview of a standard photo just took the photo instead of expanding the live preview

+ UPDATE 10.09.2017

 Web Updates:

  •  You can now do split-view comparison on standard photos!
  • You can now add notes to standard photos (note: iOS does not have this ability yet, but should have it soon)
  • Changed the behavior of publicly encryped links to PINs generated from PDF where it would take you to the earliest photo taken at that spot, not latest. Now, it’ll take you to the latest photo.
  • Added ability to sign-up and login using existing ProCore credentials
  • Fixed bug where drawings were not being ordered alphanumerically

 iOS Updates:

  • Added support for the Garmin VIRB 360 and NCTech Iris 360 cameras
  • When you try to sync a project and there’s no internet, user will receive an error message telling the user to get some internet
  • Fixed a bug where a photo would fail to sync if you close the app/put it into the background while syncing

+ UPDATE 09.26.2017

 Web Updates:

  • Faster viewing of 360 photos (because now we utilize multiple secure datacenters local to the user, vs before it was only in California)
  • Public hyperlinks to photos now has timeline navigation view for paid projects
  • Dedicated move button now makes it easier and more intuitive to move pins, and now can’t be “accidentally moved” when panning a floorplan
  • If user is part of any project that is paid, their account page will list them as part of a “Project Team Plan” instead of being an expired individual user
  • Last updated on project and drawings is now based on last photo added, so it’s more intuitive
  • Additional filters, such as filter by user or quickly filter based on last 7 days, 30 days, this week, etc.
  • All relevant photo meta-data (file name, project, drawing, date taken, etc.) is now easily viewable via publicly-encrypted share links
  • Added ability for zooming/panning on standard photos

 iOS Updates:

  • Added ability to generate sharable links for easy emailing or texting
  • Added ability to add photos to new or existing pins from your camera roll, in case you didn’t use StructionSite to take your photos on-site
  • New slide-out menu buttons allow you access to quick sharing, deleting, or adding of photos
  • Added ability to rotate a standard photo by tapping on rotational buttons where the photo will be placed (if you have fat fingers, then you’ll love this feature)
  • Added the ability to create and manage projects/drawings from mobile (note: drawings must be photos from either your camera roll, or a picture that you take)
  • Added an onboarding screen to assist new users with how to get the most out of StructionSite
  • The “updated date” for projects and drawings now (more intuitively) reflects the last time a photo was taken on that project or drawing

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