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The Top 6 Benefits of Site Documentation

If you’re looking for a way to improve your work life in the coming year, here’s a suggestion: dial in your site documentation. Documentation delivers countless benefits that can make every aspect of your projects — from the initial bid to the ribbon-cutting — easier, all while helping you deliver a wow-worthy product to your customers. 

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Mortenson has been using 360 photo technology for many years and StructionSite is not only simplifying but also expediting the process. On one of our projects, we reduced our photo capturing from an 8-hour walk around the project to a 2-hour VideoWalk™.”

Santino Medina

Senior Integrated Construction Coordinator, Mortenson

We are using StructionSite for the majority of our weekly meetings. Now that the trades can see field conditions, it opens up entirely new coordination dialog.”

Mike Jakes

VDC Product Manager, XL Construction

We had one job where the MEP estimator and design team would jump in a web meeting and pull up StructionSite. Then after every meeting he would tell us ‘Hey, we just used StructionSite again, it was awesome!’”

Justin Porter

Senior VDC Manager, Truebeck Construction

“StructionSite has enabled us to place the construction site in every project stakeholder’s pocket. As our CDE for image data, it has enabled us to capture, find and leverage crucial visual information in minutes.”

Val Tzvetkov

Manager of Virtual Design and Construction, Skanska