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Learn from users on how StructionSite helps their reality capture efforts.

Stiles Construction

The Challenge:

Site documentation of the past was pretty hit-or-miss. Most companies had some documentation, but it could be pretty random and disorganized. This was a headache for all construction companies. But for Stiles Construction in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, comprehensive documentation with Structionsite offered not just relief from the chaos, but proof when they needed it.


In conversations on the site, in the trailer, or back at the office, the Stiles team can pull up pictures at any stage of the process. For a new contractor coming onto the job, StructionSite is able to quickly familiarize themselves with the site and the status of different elements with the photographic “digital twin” of the site. When it is time for hand-over to the owners, StructionSite is there with the complete construction history. As Rivera put it “Structionsite is lined up to bring value to all stages of the property lifecycle.” For Stiles Construction, it easy to see the value that Structionsite brings to the construction process. Rivera and his team are looking forward to seeing how Structionsite continues to expand and improve the building process. Inadequate site documentation can now be a thing of the past for the Stiles team.

Stiles Construction Ft Lauderdale FL StructionSite Case Study

Learn how Stiles Construction gained relief using StructionSite as a digital twin of their projects.

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Choate Construction

The Challenge:

Whip out your cell phone and take a picture. It’s that simple, right? Well, for the team at Choate Construction, a large commercial and general contractor headquartered in Atlanta, this was the quickest way to eat up all the memory on their smartphones. After the Choate team maxed out their cell phones, Tim Watson, Virtual Construction Manager, reports that they bought some hand-held digital cameras, and some bigger memory cards. Great, but the pictures just seemed to multiply like…well, photos in the digital age. How do you organize all of that? They had 100’s of pictures and they had to write down the location and unit number for each photo. Organizing the photos was a huge pain and taking valuable time away from construction projects


The whole package really took Choate from 0 to 100 quickly, with a good ROI. In fact, the value of the Structionsite process to clients all around the world is hard to calculate, since this lets them see exactly what is going on at any given time. At turnover, this is a huge value to owners and FMs, “like X-ray vision to see where things are behind the walls.” Tim Watson continued, “Structionsite is the most natural evolution of photo taking for construction—from Polaroid to the digital camera, to Bluebeam, and now to Structionsite.”

Learn how Choate Construction used StructionSite to save time, and win more work.

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DPR Construction

Learn how DPR Construction used StructionSite to efficiently document the job site while improving communication, and eliminating waste.

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The Challenge:

Monica Chhatwani, LEED AP BD +C for DPR Construction®, was looking for a more efficient QC workflow to capture in-wall conditions before, during, and after wall closures for a large life sciences research building project. Using Takt methodology for scheduling, QC had its own Takt which was a 5-day activity per Takt ‘area’, with each area covering roughly 6000 sq. ft.


Using StructionSite for robust documentation with tagged photo timelines really improved communication between all trades on the site as well as removing the waste of needless field visits or information requests to see what was behind the walls.

PCL Construction

DPR Construction

The Challenge:

DPR Construction needed to gain better control of their internal documentation methods to be able to provide more organized milestone photos to stakeholders. By using project team members, and adhering to a tight process schedule, the team at DPR was able to save time on streamlining documentation and decreased project costs by completing internally.

Learn how DPR Construction took more internal control of their documentation efforts using StructionSite.

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DPR Construction Case Study StructionSite

Korsmo Construction

The Challenge:

When dealing with a project that was 2 hours from the closest city, Korsmo Construction was having difficulties keeping the schedule optimized for work to be completed onsite once it was ready for Subcontractors. The company also needed to keep out-of-state Engineers and Architects informed of the job status.  Their previous documentation methods did not allow for easy communication among stakeholders, as it was disconnected and varied from person to person.

Learn how Korsmo Construction implemented StructionSite to help tighten internal and external communication for their projects.

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