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Striving for a Single Source of Truth

How Alex Tanguay from RAD URBAN makes use of StructionSite within Bluebeam to find a “sweet spot” of documentation overlap. Alex Tanguay, the VDC Coordinator at RAD URBAN, recently sat down with us to discuss his use of StructionSite linked into his Bluebeam Dashboard. We… Read More

Announcing Feature Updates and New Enhancements to StructionSite

StructionSite is proud to announce our newest feature updates and enhancements! Enterprise Dashboard with Analytics Dashboards will now be available to Enterprise customers of StructionSite providing access to project data across their company! This new enhancement will provide an increased level of visibility into the use of the product, and… Read More

Five items Owners should require in their Documentation Turnover Package

When closing out a project, pulling together documentation should be simple, but often times items can get missed. Owners should be looking for a complete set of documentation that provides specific information regarding the building at closeout including, but not limited to: Certificates of Occupancy (COs) City and State Inspection… Read More

Samsung Gear 360 vs. Ricoh Theta V

A few weeks back I did a site walk with a customer in Chicago on a project that was still in excavation. I was walking with the Samsung Gear 360 (2016 version) and he was walking with a Ricoh Theta V. I personally still feel the Ricoh Theta V is… Read More

Meeting your construction photo documentation specification

As a project team member who gets assigned to a new project, one of the things we do right away is read through our contracts and specifications.  If this is not your first project, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for, especially… Read More

360 Camera Photo Quality Comparison on a real Construction Site

Hands-On Approach to Reviewing Camera Hardware 360 Camera specs only tell us half of the story. At StructionSite, we prefer a hands-on approach to reviewing camera hardware where we actually go out and test the cameras on actual jobsites to get a true, apples-to-apples comparison of cameras in various conditions,… Read More

Tagging Workflows for Progress Photos

“This feature couldn’t have come at a better time. We are beginning to close up walls, and this will help our team stay even more organized and refine the deliverable to the owner.” – Felipe Serrano, ‎Senior Project Engineer, The Beck Group Tagging keeps both your 360 and… Read More

Let there be light…for your 360 camera

The sometimes dark and poorly-lit conditions on jobsites or older buildings can make using a 360 camera difficult.  Unlike traditional point-and-shoot cameras, a 360 camera needs light that shines in all directions simultaneously.  Taking in-wall photos is especially challenging when rooms have poor or no light at all. Read More

Why the Job Walk is Not Enough

For this post we have a guest blogger and subject matter expert, Michael Hatfield. Michael has an extensive background as a Senior Estimator in demolition and he provides his expertise and insight in the art of planning, documentation, and photography through jobsiteDOCS. Documenting Existing Conditions By Michael Hatfield, jobsiteDOCS In… Read More