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Let there be light…for your 360 camera

The sometimes dark and poorly-lit conditions on jobsites or older buildings can make using a 360 camera difficult.  Unlike traditional point-and-shoot cameras, a 360 camera needs light that shines in all directions simultaneously.  Taking in-wall photos is especially challenging when rooms have poor or no light at all. Read More

Why the Job Walk is Not Enough

For this post we have a guest blogger and subject matter expert, Michael Hatfield. Michael has an extensive background as a Senior Estimator in demolition and he provides his expertise and insight in the art of planning, documentation, and photography through jobsiteDOCS. Documenting Existing Conditions By Michael Hatfield, jobsiteDOCS In… Read More

Be on the jobsite, even when you can’t be

Have you ever thought about how insanely productive your project team could be if anyone on the project could just be on the jobsite at a moment’s notice? Think about all the times you’ve had a conversation with another member of the project team about the status of… Read More

A sneak peek at real-time 360 collaboration for construction teams

Greetings folks! Heading into this week I wanted to share with you a sneak peek of a major collaboration feature we’re preparing to release.  Before we get to that, a quick story about why we decided to build this feature and what problem it solves… Read More